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I truly and deeply believe that each and every one of us are powerful beyond measure. I also believe that the key to unlocking our fullest potential lies in the way we relate to, and utilize the power within us. 


Women and V-Owners have been systemically silenced, and shamed away from embracing their power, the part of us that is rooted in knowing what our heart desires, in the courage to be our most authentic selves, in our sensual power. Our power is the part of us that has been buried under lives of being conditioned to be less than our fullest, most radiant selves.


I help folks to unlearn this conditioning, and to embrace their sacred power, a  vastly untapped source of energy, empowerment and exquisite pleasure. 

I offer trauma informed care, using Somatic Embodiment, as the foundation to working into, and healing the parts of you that are prohibiting you from having the life you deserve.  In sessions, I weave in wisdom from ancient teachings of  Tantra & Ayurveda  with  Somatic Psychology & Embodiment  based techniques to provide balanced, effective and empowering care to you. 

This work is incredibly potent, and effective.  Whether your goal is to learn how to set boundaries, have your first orgasm, or manifest the life of your dreams, by learning how to access your power, what ever you desire becomes possible. 

I'd love to talk with you more about working with me, and how it can benefit you. 

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Somatic Embodiment Benefits


Our capacity for pleasure, and our expression of our sexuality is the most intimate part of us. Many haven't had the opportunity to explore what tapping into this power  can change in our lives. 

This work can help in:

~healing from shame or sexual trauma

~addressing conditioning or beliefs around sex and pleasure

~having more, or stronger orgasms

~clarify your authentic sexual orientation

~deepen your relationship to your sexual power


 Shadow Work takes us into deep and transformative healing. This work can involve examining our triggers, understanding our emotions and healing attachment wounds. Many of our blocks to our Wildness stems from our Shadow.

~deeper understanding of ourselves

~healing of deep childhood wounds

~Emotional Responsibility

~Tools to navigate triggers

~Greater capacity for empathy

~Nervous system regulation


Embodying our Wildness can offer an incredible sense of Empowerment. This allows us to   know our worth, feel safe to express ourselves and follow our dreams. 


This work can guide you to:


~Setting firm boundaries

~Dissolving blockages to your dreams

~Unraveling outdated conditioning & beliefs

~Discovering your worthiness

~Stop people pleasing

~Moving from survival mode to thriving

Your Wild Power is an untapped resource. 

I'd love to chat with you about where you are at right now, and how learning to embody your Power can help you to achieve the reality you desire. 

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"My first session with Krystal I immediately felt comfortable, like I had known her for years prior. I love her presence and I feel safe enough to let emotions move through me and not only cry, but laugh ecstatically! She reflects back my own power to me, and I witness myself as confident, strong, powerful, and brilliant! Krystal has the ability to shine light on aspects I wasn’t aware of, hold me in safety and nurturing, and celebrates me in all of my expressions." - S. 32

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