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Desire Focused Coaching

Working 1:1 with a coach can be incredibly supportive to your healing journey. A coach can offer you clarity insight, wisdom, guidance and tools that will help you to reach your goals. 

Desire Focused Coaching is particularly powerful. The process asks coach and client to work together to create clear, specific goals, or desires. The coaching process & tools then support you to  heal & release the blockages that are keeping you from your desires.

Shifting the priority of the coaching container from the traditional view of "fixing" to one of "creating" creates a container of positivity, hope and love. 

Coaching Methodology & Tools 

How Can I Support You? 


Women & V-Owners have been historically & systemically disempowered. Throughout our lives, most of us have had our autonomy, worth and sovereignty questioned, threatened or stolen in some way. 

Healing these wounds almost always requires us to start at the beginning. 

Inner Child & Caregiver Wound tending and integration can help us to regulate our nervous systems, and find a sense of emotional safety within ourselves. 

With this foundational healing in place, we can begin to focus on what an empowered life looks like to you, and move towards that. 

Empowerment Coaching can support you in setting boundaries, cultivating a sense of worthiness,  healing people pleasing patterns, speaking your truth, unlearning outdated conditioning and limiting beliefs.

Pleasure & Sexuality


For centuries, women & V-owners have been shamed away from their pleasure. We tend to carry deep wounds and shame around sex that prohibits us from fully tapping into the capacity we have for bliss. 

Healing to expand your capacity for pleasure creates a deeper, and more connected relationship to the self. It can support healthy body image, unlearn conditioning from religious programming/trauma, restore pleasure & safety following sexual trauma, clarify your authentic sexual orientation and deepen your relationship to your sexual power. 


"Working with Krystal has led me on a completely unexpected soul journey, where I am able to attend to parts of me that I have been silencing or have not been able to reach because of conditioning and fear.


After several months of working with Krystal--I would say I'm a whole different person. Krystal's intuitive coaching and wise guidance allowed parts of me to come online and inform my experience in a way I never thought I would reach, due to the things that have historically held me back.


Because of her skilled coaching and her multi-layered deep listening, she has helped me cultivate a relationship with pleasure that feels authentic and unfolds at the speed of my comfort and level of safety.


She has also been like a midwife to my relationship with spirit, which is ever expanding. I feel like she *sees* me, and because of all the work she has done on herself, she brings a clarity and expansiveness to her reflections that help me see myself differently and encourage me to grow, in a wild and soul led way. She has been a dear mentor to me, one that I trust deeply due to her insight, inclusivity, and integrity." ~R

Coaching Packages

The nature of this work is slow and sweet, like honey dripping through your soul. It is nurturing and supportive. 

Deep healing requires time, commitment and consistency. It is not something we can do once in a while and still benefit from. 

For these reasons, I do not offer "one of" sessions. I ask that my clients say FUCK YES to themselves and their healing journey. 


I recognize the importance of this kind of investment. Available Coaching Packages include:



6 Session Package


A 3 month commitment to your growth, healing and future self. Payment options available. Includes 3 months access to the client portal, which hold audio recorded practices, meditations, reading lists, PDF booklets, journal prompts etc to support your healing journey. 


12 Session Package


A 6 month commitment to your growth, healing and future self.  This package includes lifetime  access to the client portal, which holds audio recorded practices, meditations, reading lists, PDF booklets, journal prompts etc to support your healing journey. 

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