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Rituals & Workshops

I adore teaching group offerings.  There is such a beautiful and potent energy that comes through when women & folks with V's gather together, even when it is done virtually. 

You will find information and registration links for my upcoming workshops and classes on this page. 

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Potions & Bath Rituals

Join Emery & Krystal July 6th at Nirvana 101 for a Saturday night to remember!

In this extra special Witchy offering. You will learn about how to create magickal infusions such as teas, tinctures and oils.

You will also be guided into creating your own infused bath salts and bath ritual to support your magickal intentions. 

All supplies for creating your Potions and Bath Rituals will be provided, and you will have incredible creations to take home with you. 

In addition, we are going to make this night even better with some super special 'Spirit' refreshments. 

Investment is $88

This space is Queer & Trans safe. 


Emery Christie

A psychic medium, Emery is passionate about helping folks connect to past loved ones, providing support through challenging times and teaching others to access their own unique skills & gifts.

She offers a variety of workshops, group and 1:1 readings. 

Krystal Jannelle

The Self Love Witch, Krystal supports women & AFAB folks in falling madly in love with themselves, through healing, shadow work, empowerment practices, breathwork and somatic embodiment. Her work is trauma integrative, & IFS informed. She offers 1:1 coaching and group rituals and workshops.

What is Trauma Aware Care?

Trauma Awareness helps you to understand how trauma may affect folks, and how to effectively hold space and use consensual language in order to create truly safe space. This can include being inclusive in your verbiage, holding space, offering support and understanding what activation can look like in others. 

Join in the workshop here:

I see you1a.png

You Will Learn: 

  • Trauma, Safety and How it Affects Everything.

  • Consensual & Inclusive Language

  • Do’s & Don’ts of Space Holding

  • Nervous System Basics

  • Trauma Aware Supports

  • Scope of Practice

    • (this does not qualify you to work with trauma)

This workshop is for anyone who works

closely with other people, and desires to learn how to deepen their capacity for creating safe environments for folks. 

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