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Witchcraft 101

An Introduction into the Ancient Practice of Witchcraft

Witchcraft is a very personal, and unique practice. Every witch is drawn to connect to themselves, and with Source in a way that empowers and supports them, and it looks different for all of us. Kitchen Witches, Green Witches, Hedge Witches.....practicing knot magick, candle magick, chaos magick.....using tarot, scrying, tea leave, crystals.... the possibilities are infinite.  The point is, that you can decided what your practice looks like.

Witchcraft 101 is a 2 hour workshop, with resident witches Emery Christie and Krystal Jannelle. 

Join us on  Zoom January 18 from 7-9 PM MT

This lesson will focus on offering insight into the vast, and unique ways that Witchcraft can be practiced. 

  • The Power of Intention

  • Simple and Every Day Magicks

  • Divination Practices

  • Magickal Tools

  • Origins and Traditions of Magick


Emery Christie

Emery Christie is a career psychic & medium, offering connection, teachings, answers & guidance to others through channeled readings.


Providing a connection to loved ones passed, teaching others to tap in to their own unique skills and abilities, supporting people through life's great challenges, and helping people to truly get to know themselves and all that they are; these are a few of the things that fill her cup.


She is passionate about people, the paranormal, and all things mystical, and strives to bring you amazingly accurate, compassionate, and lovingly guided messages. Emery loves that her work allows her to connect to such a diverse clientele, and provides a safe place of inclusivity for all.


Krystal Jannelle

Krystal Jannelle is a VITA certified Empowerment Coach, whom offers intuitively guided, trauma informed, somatic embodiment coaching  and Akashic Records Sessions to women & V-owners who desire to connect to their radiant and authentic power. 

A self proclaimed Eclectic Witch, Krystal's practice focuses on work with Kali, Hekate and Persephone. She uses primarily candle magick and sex magick, and her preferred tool of divination is Tarot. 

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