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Presented by Krystal Jannelle
VITA Certified Sex Coach

This 2 hour workshop is offered to Women & V-Owners for the purpose of education and conversation around Sex, Arousal, Desire and Pleasure. 

Much of what we think we know about these things is from a male centered perspective. It is my belief that by learning, and talking about sex openly, from a female perspective,  we can create healthy relationships to our bodies and pleasure. 

This Workshop Will Cover

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Sex doesn't have to be just another thing on your do to list. 

So many of my clients have come to me feeling as though there is something wrong with them if they have lower desire or difficulty reaching orgasm.  That is simply NOT true. 

I am on a mission to help women & V-owners love sex again. 

Join in this 2 hour workshop, July 7th from 6-8 pm to learn all the things we SHOULD  have been taught about sex in school.

This is an INCLUSIVE Workshop open to all sexual orientations, women & people with vulvas. 

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