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Presented by Krystal Jannelle.

Hi! I am Krystal!

I am incredibly passionate about helping Women & V-Owners reclaim their Wild Power. 

I believe that many of us are prohibited from accessing our full potential because we have a complicated relationship to money. 

We have money wounds, often stemming from patterns and beliefs learned from our caregivers as well as  our own lived experiences. These wounds may tell us money is scarce,  that wealth is equivalent to greed, or even that we aren't worthy of wealth and abundance. 

Rich Bitch is an online program that will take you on a  journey to heal the blockages that are keeping you from your fullest potential of wealth and abundance. 

This journey will help you to:

What People Are Saying

"Krystal is a very knowledgable, passionate and inspiring guide and healer. Her workshops are varied and truly engaging allowing for ample time for self-reflection, learning, discussion and activities. I had so many take aways and ah-has that will continue to inspire my personal growth journey".  - D

"Krystal helps you open the door to finding your magic." -A

I have loved my time working with Krystal. She's guided me through many layers of old programming and ancient wounds, to find my true essence. I truly feel more solid, more empowered. I am more my authentic self. I am truly grateful for Krystal." -S

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