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Cycle of Power

One of the things I am super passionate about is menstrual health and wellness. I truly believe that learning about this, and paying attention to my own cycle has absolutely changed my life, and helped me to feel far more empowered. I have learned so much about how to care for myself during the entirety of my cycle, in Ayurveda School and my Yoni Steam Therapist training, that I would like to offer here for you to consider, digest and maybe even integrate into your own life, in a way that feel congruent for you.

The thing is, we don't really learn this in school. The patriarchal influence on what is taught about female bodies and sexuality is very real. We have been led to believe that menstruation shouldn't be discussed, seen or taught. Many of us may have even had to learn to manage bleeding on our own, or with very little support. We get taught to live with the pain and discomfort of menstruation, the "drug and plug" mentality runs rampant in Western Society, with pussy owners often being expected to function at the highest level at all times. From menstruation to post partum even, we have been torn away from relationship with our bodies, and their natural rhythms. |The Cycle

Your menstrual cycle has 4 phases. Each one has its own qualities and magic, that, if we lean into these, can be so incredibly nourishing and empowering. If you no longer bleed, I invite you to notice any shifts in energy, and use the moon phases to track your "cycle". For example, high energy at new moon means that would be your ovulation phase.

The Follicular Phase

This is the period right after you stop bleeding. It lasts about 10 days. During this time, you will notice energy, empathy, and patience increasing. You may notice an increase in desire, but not always. (Since there are so many things that affect desire - but that talk is for another day!) You will probably feel more motivated, assertive, positive and playful.

In order to access Power, I invite you to use this time to adventure, begin new projects. Big tasks are best tackled during this part of your cycle. This is a great time to take a little risk. Eat lighter foods, and get in your strenuous exercise in this phase as well.

The Ovulatory Phase

This phase follows the Follicular phase, and lasts about 4 days. This is when your body is fertile, energetically and physically. This is an amazing time to wrap up those new projects, and send them out into the world. Desire may increase. You may feel energetic, adventurous, and outgoing. This is a wonderful time to schedule important meetings, and you naturally have very magnetic qualities during this time. Sex magic is highly recommended in this phase, in order to put some super potent energy into your manifestations. Eat lots of veggies and exercise to your hearts content.

The Luteal Phase

Following ovulation, your body has a week to 10 days in this phase. This is the time when your energy will begin decreasing. You may begin to feel less patient, irritable, easily triggered and overall more sensitive. This phase is often something that we are shamed for. Questions like "Is it that time of the month?" may cause us to feel like this is unnatural, unwanted and just not like ourselves. This time of our cycle is an opportunity for us to begin to notice where we may be allowing our boundaries to be crossed, where we may tolerate more that we should. The first 2 phases are inviting and welcoming. This phase is direct, and demanding. This is the time to begin preparing for your bleed. Prep some food, wrap up any projects, or chores. You may experience food cravings. Your body needs more nourishment in order to make more blood, so a little more food is really beneficial during this time. Slow down on the exercise, and honour your energy levels and what may be arising in your physical body. This is when you do less.

The Menstrual Phase

This is a time of rest. Your bleed is a cleanse. Energetically, your womb absorbs so much energy, and it needs rest in order to fully shed and release. Preparation for rest for the first day or two of bleeding, during your Luteal phase is very supportive. Do as little as you possible can, and lean into all the soul care that makes you feel the best. Of course, sometimes we can't avoid work, or caring for others. One small gesture of self love during your bleed can be super supportive.

This information was so transformative for me. This is just a little snippet of what there is to know about your cycle. Honouring these phases can be so helpful to understanding ourselves as pussy owners.

I would love to answer any questions you may have - just email me!!

With Love and Magik

Krystal Jannelle

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