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Healing Knowledge and Tools to Support You

No one tells you how to heal. We hear all about how we are responsible for our growth and evolution (which we are), but getting started on this journey can feel overwhelming. There is so much to learn, and so many different paths that you can take. It can be confusing and scary. 

Healing Foundations is a 4 week course designed to teach you different tools and approaches that may be helpful on your journey. Learn about regulating your nervous system, how to ground, attachment styles, Somatic Healing, Parts Work, Emotional Embodiment, tending to triggers, when to seek trauma support and so much more. 


This course touches on foundational knowledge and tools that can offer insight, clarity and maybe even some Aha moments as you evolve into your most authentic and powerful self. This course is perfect for those just beginning, and those who have been doing the work for some time now. Wherever you are, you are celebrated, welcome and loved. 


Krystal Jannelle (she/her)

Healing Foundations 

This course is offered in person,
Mondays evenings,  October 16- Nov 6 7-9 PM
Sayna's Collective Healing
Medicine Hat, AB

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