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A Healing Circle to guide you into embodying your Inner Empress

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Guided by Krystal Jannelle

Have you met your Inner Empress? 

She is the part of you that KNOWS. 

She knows you are worthy.

She knows that you are powerful. Sensual. Soft. Wild. Nurturing. Brave. 

She is kind, but firm. Loving, but with strong as fuck boundaries.

She lives inside you.

Empress Circle has been born out of the knowing that profound healing happens when women gather together. Sharing, witnessing and connecting with others is very often, the medicine that our souls need to reveal our Inner Empress.

This series of 5 workshops will offer you the opportunity to heal different parts of you, so that you can embody your Inner Empress fully and completely. 

I truly believe that my souls purpose is to guide women to their fullest expression of power. Empress Circle was gifted to me in a powerful download, with the clear message that THIS is what is needed, in this community, at this time. 

It is my great honour, and privilege to guide Empress Circle, and hold space for your transformation. 

With infinite Love and Magick, 

Krystal Jannelle (she/her)

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 The 5 Keys to Inner Empress Embodiment


Heal the part of you that gives everything to everyone but yourself.

You are worthy, regardless of your capacity  to be of service to others.

Find the power within so that you can set strong boundaries, and shift away from patterns that are keeping you stuck. 

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You voice holds magic, and medicine. In this healing circle, clear blockages that keep you from speaking up.

Undo the limiting beliefs that are telling you to stay quiet in order to keep the peace. 

Learn how to express and relate to your emotions in a safe, healthy way. 

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Connect to the sacred power of your pleasure, by learning about the things that keep us blocked from our sensuality. 

Female Centered Sex Ed will teach you about everything you should know about sex, pleasure and desire.

Find clarity about what your unique needs are so that you can thrive in pleasure. 

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Let your radiance shine with confidence. 

You are an incredibly powerful being.  Join this circle to learn how to fully embrace your amazing self, and prioritize YOU. 

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Discover what it means to be in alignment with the energy of money, so that you can receive abundance from a place of openness and expansion. 

Learn about inherited money wounds, and wealth counter-conditioning.

Set clear goals and plan your path to wealth.  

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The Series

Your Inner Empress is waiting for you to discover how powerful you really are. 

For those who feel called to participate in each workshop, the the series will be offered as a package, and  you will also receive a complimentary 60 minute coaching session, that can be redeemed at any time. 

Not Available

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The Process

The Empress Circle is a sacred gathering of women & V-owning persons, with the intention of growth, healing and connection.

Each workshop will offer a  focus on healing and empowerment for one of the Keys to Inner Empress Embodiment. 

Our journey will utilize tools such as:



~Parts Work

~Somatic Embodiment

~Breath Work

Each of these is powerful on their own, but when they are combined with love and intention, within a circle of wisdom, they become a catalyst for transformation.


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